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SPECIAL ELEMENTAL EDITION of Vision Quest begins June 21st, 2017!!! Join Alchemical Creation Goddess Lynette McCormack and Whitney Freya for even MORE magic!!!

It’s time to make your VISION for your life REAL and Reclaim Your Right to Your Creative Truth

There’s an infinite, magical BEING within you, seeking creative expression. It’s a part of you that may be waiting right now … just waiting …for you to step into your BIGNESS!

Inside, you know it’s true. You came to your life for a greater reason than simply having a job, raising a family, paying bills.

And when you open the door to this greater part of YOU, all the creativity, magic, miracles and infinite possibilities of the Universe become available to you, setting you free to literally create the life you desire – unfettered by the limits of the rational mind.


Special Elements for this Elemental Priestess Edition

  • Introduce personal "ARTuals" art+ritual each month to connect you to your personal creativity and to the support of the four Elements and Spirit:

Air – the mental realm – the power of intention to guide your creations

Fire – the action realm - the power of aligned action to manifest your creations

Water – the emotional realm - the power to love yourself, your work and all your creations

Earth – the physical realm - the power to stand on your own as a creator

Spirit – the soul realm – the power of personal choice

  • Guide you through the creation of elemental altars in your home space.
  • Introduce you to powerful tools to increase your elemental awareness and manifestation abilities – the Elemental Messages Deck and the Natural Rhythms Manifestation Matrix
  • Join you for monthly Group Calls to expand upon the alchemical and transformational elemental work you are doing in your Vision Quest.
  • Share with you sacred insights into your renewed relationship with Mother Earth and her Elements, drawing from my extensive training and experience as an Elemental Priestess, Alchemical High Priestess and Creation Coach/Facilitator.


In order to really do this, to set yourself free to become that BEING just waiting inside you, requires a level of “fitness.” Creative fitness …

As humans, creativity is at the core of our being. Your LIFE is a canvas upon which you create YOU! Your RESULTS come from what you do with the material you’ve been given.

Yet many of us create by default. We allow our creative “muscles” to get weak from lack of use, then give in to false beliefs about our POWERFUL role in the creative process.

Our old stories around creativity (the “I-can’t-even-draw-a-straight-line” mentality) are based on old programming which tells us creativity and art only have value if you can earn $$$ from it.

For those of us who were told, or somehow absorbed someone else’s opinion–like an art teacher’s–that we were “not talented,” we are ready for the NEW Creativity.


Fitness for the Spirit

To be Creatively Fit is not about mastering a particular form of art. It’s about having access to your Soul’s Genius as a creative being … as a Creatrix on this planet!

To be Creatively Fit is to have the ability to go out of your left brain and into that space of infinite possibility.

To be Creatively Fit is to allow your eternal brilliance to unfold for you – as your life.

To be Creatively Fit means actively engaging your LIFE as the canvas of your Soul.

Imagine for a moment that whatever dream you are dreaming is already there waiting for you…up on a shelf, somewhere in the back reaches of your life possibilities …

Do You Want To…

  • …write a book?
  • …start your own business?
  • …release extra weight from your body?
  • …help women in underdeveloped countries?
  • …raise your children to live inspired, purposeful lives?
  • …go deeper into your spiritual journey?
  • …stop holding back, distracting yourself from your dreams with the “routine?”
  • …feel more energy and happiness?

Or maybe your desire is attached to a fear … It could be the fear of never truly feeling alive, the fear of never finding your purpose, or the fear of never experiencing a level of alignment, bliss, or love you desire.

Positive or negative, the desire is a signal that the potential for YOU does indeed exist.

The energy of your emotions would not be so deep and intense if it wasn’t part of your Divine Assignment, your soul’s purpose.

These are clear signs that you are being called to QUEST … to deepen your connection with your inner brilliance – your Soul’s creative mastery.

Instructor Profile
About Whitney Freya

Whitney Freya is widely regarded for her individual attention, accessibility, and passion for this “work,” her soul’s calling. She spends her days painting, having soul-full conversations with clients around the world, and living in a home and mountain valley that inspire her daily.

Whitney has made a commitment to personal freedom and chooses to CREATE a life that gets her fired up each day. Her mantra, “Life is the canvas of my soul,” is her guiding light on her journey through life, and has been the energetic force which now allows her to travel, have the flexibility to spend quality time with her kids, and feel FREE to create the life that fulfills, inspires, and supports her.

But it hasn’t always been that way …

Whitney knows all-too-well that feeling of being trapped … and feeling like she didn’t have the power to make the changes in her life she deeply desired. For her, the change came when she was finally willing to answer the question: “What would I do if I knew I would be 100% supported, safe, and loved?”

In answering this, she gave herself permission to create the life that was HER truth, then stepped out from behind the shadow of her limiting beliefs about creativity and walked through the portal into a new life.

Today, Whitney has guided hundreds of women through the “portal of the blank canvas” and has had the great joy of watching their lives transform as they step into their most inspired lives!

Whitney Freya

Lynette McCormack - Your Creatively Fit Coach

For this SPECIAL Elemental Priestess Edition Lynette is YOUR Creatively Fit Coach. She will be guiding you through the process and supplementing the content with her own alchemical, elemental wisdom!

What I know for certain is that each conscious creative act engages our minds, immerses our hearts and connects us deeply to our souls. As an Alchemical Creation Goddess I am dedicated to designing sacred creative experiences each supported by the Elemental Forces of Creation – Earth, Water, Air, Fire and Spirit.

I am one-part intuitive artist and one-part scientist (I had an early career as an environmental chemist). As an artist I am coming into an understanding of my own life, loves, and the world around me one brush stroke, one choice, at a time. As a scientist I’m trying to make sense of my experiences. I like to pay attention to the details. I like to hold the biggest view of any situation.

I am a fellow journeyer, a student and a teacher here to learn, to grow, and to share. Our everyday experiences give us a lot to work with, or as one of my teachers, is fond of reminding me, “life is workin’ us.” When I take the time to stand just to the side of something that’s happened, I notice the magical shifts and transformations. As a Creation Coach and Natural Rhythms facilitator I can help you open to the magic in your life too.

What I can promise you is I will hold space for you to join with the Elements in a magical alchemical dance. As a Creatively Fit Coach I will play alongside you to help you discover your magnificent and amazing ability to be simply, gloriously your truest radiant self.

- Co-Founder of Ah Ha! and IdeaConnect
- Creation Coach and Natural Rhythms Facilitator
- Creatively Fit Coach
- Elemental High Priestess and Alchemical Creation Goddess
- CPSI and Next Idea Retreat presenter

Why “Vision Quest”

Traditionally, a Vision Quest is a rite of passage, initiating young people into adulthood. It’s when the Quester calls for a vision of their life’s purpose, their role within the tribe, and an understanding of how they may best serve their People.

Right now, I’m inviting you to Quest.

I’m inviting you to awaken your infinite creative potential in order to serve your tribe and our planet.

I’m inviting you to Step Into Your BIGNESS and choose to walk the path of Mastery, by reclaiming that Divine, Mysterious Connection to Spirit – a connection that lives outside the confines of your rational mind.

  • Vision Quest, The Creatively Fit Program, accelerates your life’s journey to your soul’s highest vision for this lifetime.
  • Vision Quest opens the way to greater insight, knowing and self-trust, so you can step firmly onto your life’s highest path.
  • Vision Quest gives you the platform to access your intuitive, infinite mind, so you can hear your soul’s calling and journey to your highest vision.
  • Vision Quest guides you out of your mind and into your heart through the powerful portal of the blank canvas.

The Vision Quest Program taps you into the signs, symbols, synchronicities and dreams that your right brain – your Soul – has been sending you.

Lisa Wright shares everything that Vision Quest has meant to her!

Our Testimonial

"Thanks again for your wonderful class! I love fhe Vision Quest and already got so much inspiration out of it! And I am looking forward to my continuing Vision Quest—with painting, following my artist within, and creating my most wonderful life! Thank you for your inspiration! ”

~Angelika Schultz, art by Angelika

"Vision Quest has delivered more than I expected. Christine Kidder has been my Creatively Fit coach and in that time, I have painted numerous pictures and journaled countless pages. Our meetings have been so fruitful that I usually hang up and write or paint more. She is so insightful through our conversations! I have struggled, as most people do, with personal issues. Chris brings a different light to them, helping me to see things from different angles and grow spiritually and emotionally. Because the program is 4 months long and we check in weekly, there is plenty of time to create a new vision tor my life as it exists today. l cannot thank her enough! ”

~Kathy Johnson

LeeAnn Gibson recounts how BEFORE Vision Quest she was "SHOULD'ing" herself to death!!! Not any more!!! Watch her video...

Brain Research on Creativity

Here’s what we know about the brain. Your logical mind simply is not up to the task of creation. That’s not what it was designed for!

In his book, The Breakout Principle, Dr. Herbert Benson discovered in years of scientific neurological research that in order to have that breakout moment, that “ah-hah!” or ground breaking performance, the work of the rational, left brain is just the beginning of the process. Once you’ve taken all the practical steps, you must then “sever all previous thought processes to get out of the left brain.”

Research in neuroscience supports Dr. Benson’s conclusions. Brain studies have found that milliseconds before a breakout thought – an “ah-hah!” moment – there is a spike in GAMMA BRAIN WAVES. Gamma brainwaves are distinguished by the fact that the ENTIRE neocortex lights up, (is stimulated), rather than any one, specific area of the brain. Studies have also shown that if you are ALREADY activating your right brain, (in other words: tapped into your intuitive mind), you will have an easier time achieving that GAMMA brainwave state.

Brain Researcher, Chiropractor, Lecturer and Author Dr. Joe Dispenza, D.C. has studied the brain extensively. He also confirms that it is the creative, non-rational RIGHT brain which lights up on an MRI whenever people are learning something new.

Our Testimonial

"When I met Whitney, she suggested that I start painting. I said “Oh No, it was not for me as I could not ‘draw a stick figure’!” Once I understood that Whitney teaching us creativity for our Soul, a way to connect me to my truest self, l joined Whitney's Vision Quest program & went to her home for a private retreat. I have been painting ever since. I find myself being more present, aware and connected! I am more open to creative solutions. The biggest thing is that am able to bring in self-acceptance leading to Self-love starting from my canvas and spilling into my life. Since this program, I have launched my new business and have even sold several paintings! Thank you, Whitney! ”

~Marie Mbouni

"Dear Whitney - I loved hearing from you. I felt called to share your teachings even before starting Vision Quest and since I started Vision Quest, I have led my small art group through Painting Made Easy with huge success and enjoyment. I have struggled with my health and my cross country move, however, thanks to Vision Quest and Angela, my Creatively Fit Coach, I have GOT IT!!! There are no more doubts about my creativity and my SELF. I am happily restored to the Rainbow Warrior I always was - a powerful and visionary woman. ”

~Laurie Wilson

Your Vision Quest Journey

Vision Quest: The Creatively Fit Program is a 4-month journey through the elements of creation. Each month is dedicated to the energies of a Sacred Element. This focuses your attention in a way that allows for WHOLE and Full-Circle creative unfoldment.

Month ONE ~ AIR

During month one, we call upon the Element of Air to breath life into our intention. We call for VISION and Awaken the Muse of IN-Spiration. This is when you will invite your Soul to make its mark on your “life’s canvas.”

You’ll begin taking daily dips into your art journal in order to tease and awaken your intuitive mind. This is when the true nature of your wisdom and potential is revealed. You’ll also learn new “Artuals” (art rituals) in order to receive intuitive guidance with greater ease and speed.

Month TWO ~ FIRE

During month two we call upon the Element of Fire to ignite your sacred, creative spark. Using color and symbols, this is when we burn away any limiting beliefs you may be holding around what is possible for your life’s journey.

You’ll learn everything you need in order to create your own Personal Painting Practice. This is when you take up the torch of illumination with symbols that invite you to fan the flame of your infinite nature, your sacred spark!


During month three we call upon the Element of Water in order to tap into the feelings behind your desires. You’ll learn how to interpret the synchronicities and coincidences bubbling to the surface of your awareness as messages from your Soul. And then you’ll paint them!

By aligning with new confidence in the ways your life is supported and loved, we’ll nourish that which is desiring to be expressed through you, deepening the depth of your connection to the infinite. You will paint 13 paintings, each one a "Conversation with Spirit." You may use the 13 paintings to transform the energy of one of your home spaces or your office space or paint over and over on one or two canvases to create a whole new level of creative FREEDOM!


During month four, we call upon the Element of Earth to ground and centre within you the patterns of truth that your Quest has revealed for you. By sinking roots into your new story, your new vision for your life, you allow the “muck” to fall away. Mother Earth can absorb what has been wasting your life force and transmute it into new personal, creative power.

You’ll plant “seeds” of intention and manifestation into your reality through a 13-step process that will lead to ONE large, multi-layered and multi-dimensional painting. You will be awed by the state of grace and flow you can achieve once you open this channel, grounding your infinite creative genius onto the canvas and through your body.

Your Creatively Fit Coach

FOR THE SPECIAL EDITION ELEMENTAL PRIESTESS VISION QUEST Lynette McCormack if your guide and your Creatively Fit Coach! Lucky you!

One of the reasons your Vision Quest experience will create such powerful results in your life is because it is four months long. This is an INITIATION – a Rite of Passage – as well as an integration. It’s when you begin weaving your new creative practice into your physical home space, and into the fabric of your daily life.

And just like any Rite of Passage, you will have support and care-filled guidance.

This support gives you access to a large circle of Empowered and Certified, Creatively Fit Coaches, an extended community of Questers like yourself, training and guidance within the program modules, AND …

You will also be matched with your own, Creatively Fit Coach for group coaching throughout our time together. You will receive weekly check in’s online from your Creatively Fit Coach to hold you accountable and cheer you on. In addition, each month you will be a part of two Group Calls, one with your “tribe” of 8-12 other Vision Questers, led by your Creatively Fit Coach, and the other with Whitney Freya and the full tribe of Vision Questers. This concierge service…

Your Creatively Fit Coach is your Vision Quest Guide every step of the way. She has been trained to nurture and inspire you, to hold space for your transformation, and to keep you accountable to your goals within the program.

We’ve designed this level of accountability into the program in order to fully support you. We’ve found that by having a Creatively Fit Coach as your guide, it exponentially increases your success as a Quester.

You may already know your Creatively Fit Coach, she is who referred you to this site. If you are here…we will place you in a “tribe” of 8 to 12 other Vision Questers based on a short survey and your geographic location. If you are joining in for one of our SPECIAL EDITION Vision Quests your Creatively Fit Coach will be the lead guide for the whole group and will bring her own special magic to your Quest.

Creatively Fit Coaching Support Includes:

  • Weekly check-ins to hold you accountable and get you inspired
  • 4 Live & Interactive Group Calls with your Creatively Fit Coach and your tribe.
  • 4 Live & Interactive Group Calls with Whitney Freya and the entire Vision Quest community!
  • A personal connection with your Creatively Fit Coach to share your intention for your Vision Quest
  • A Private Facebook group which gives you access to the community of Questers AND the support of more than 30 Creatively Fit Coaches who are active in the community!

The Vision Quest Experience also includes:

  • Your Personal Painting Practice. Instruction via online content, videos, and personal support from your Creatively Fit Coach.
  • Personal attention and accountability with your Creatively Fit Coach. We are passionate about accompanying you into this deep dive!
  • Specific training on how to decipher the language of symbols and your imagination through community discussions, coaching from your Creatively Fit Coach during Group Calls and video instruction from Whitney Freya.
  • An online, private Facebook group to support one another, share in the ah-hah’s and inspiration.
  • 4 Personal Retreat Days. Each month of the Vision Quest, as a community, we will devote one Sunday a month to our own Personal Retreat Day. Whether that’s a day secluded in your bedroom out in nature, or in some other locale, you’ll be creating the SPACE for your Vision Quest to unfold and speak to you deeply.
  • Suggested “Artuals” (art rituals) for each Personal Retreat Day, with guided meditations, journal and painting prompts.
  • Lifetime access to the Vision Quest content and community, continued membership on the Facebook page, the opportunity to earn affiliate commissions as your friends join in future Vision Quests.
  • Vision Quest is a pre-requisite to joining Whitney Freya’s Creatively Fit Coaching Training Program. Get to know the experience of living life in full color, unleashing the magic & the mystery. If you feel the call to share the magic, earn income doing what you love and inspiring others you will want to work with Whitney post Vision Quest to become a Creatively Fit Coach.

“One of the oldest and most generous tricks that the universe plays on us human beings is to bury STRANGE JEWELS within us all, and then stand back to see if WE CAN EVER FIND THEM. “

~Elizabeth Gilbert

Don’t Consider Yourself Creative? … Perfect!

Truth is, if you already saw yourself as super-creative, you probably wouldn’t be here with me right now. The fact that you may not have the kind of access to creativity that you would like is exactly what Vision Quest is all about.

It’s why, when you say YES! to deeply connecting with your Soul …

When you say YES! to your truth, your vision and your unfolding creative possibilities …

When you invite the unfoldment of your inner mystery and the language of your soul …

Positive Change Happens.

And it happens exactly because a VISION QUEST is not your “normal” experience of life.

The program combines personal creativity, art making, spirituality, self-awareness and personal transformation in a whole new way.

Not just for a weekend, or an evening … because big change requires time and integration. Big Change is nurtured by guidance and inspired through support, contrast, creativity and courage.

And not just on an isolated page somewhere in cyber space … because transformation calls for personal, interactive, communal and expansive connection.

Our Testimonial

"As a result of my Vision Quest, the battle I had felt going on in my mind, between my left and right brain, has ceased and I am now thoroughly enjoying new feelings of harmony and inspiration.

Where I had been stuck in developing my new Life Coaching Practice, I now have clarity and lots of movement. Even my business coach could not get the results I have experienced through Vision Quest. I am now able to focus on my heart's desire and allow that to inform my mind. That shift has made all the difference.

Whitney has been my Vision Quest Guide and has broken down all the barriers and helped me to fall in love again with all the potential my life has to offer! "

~Valerie Marsh

"It's been less than a year since I found Whitney and Creatively Fit Coaching. Since then I have created so many changes in my life. I am finally taking control of my life! I am creating new opportunities and I am constantly amazed at how much life meets you and opens up in ways you didn't even know were possible. Whitney's teachings really work. I am now a certified Creatively Fit Coach and I have things lined up for this new year that I wouldn't have dreamed I could do just last year! Thanks Whitney! ”

~Cosima Ayree

You will KNOW that, in fact, you are the sole CREATOR of your experience.

And You will BE ABLE TO take back that power.

I can say this because I’ve guided 100s of people on this Vision Quest Journey, and it works!

Investing in the Greatest Possible YOU

The great Carl Jung compared your unconscious mind to the size of an ENTIRE OCEAN, and your logical, thinking mind to the size of a wine cork, floating in that ocean.

Vision Quest invites you to tap the unlimited potential of your unconscious, through the portal of total creative freedom.

This is the place where your greatest possible YOU resides. It’s the infinite ocean of awareness and possibility, and it’s available to you … right here. Right now.

Now, for your one, wild & magical life, which do you want to be able to draw from …
The ocean or the wine cork?




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The next Vision Quest is a SPECIAL ELEMENTAL EDITION led by Alchemical Creation Goddess Lynette McCormack and begins June 21st, 2017

Payment Plan Option

Flexible payment option for you to get access to the program.

Payment options are $1297 $399 paid in full or 4 monthly payment of $100. NO COUPON CODE needed.

Payment Plan Option $100

Single Payment

Flexible payment option for you to get access to the program.

Pay in Full $399. NO COUPON CODE needed.

Single Payment Option $399

Become A Creatively Fit Coach!

Vision Quest is a required experience, or a prerequisite, in order to join Whitney Freya personally in her Creatively Fit Coaching Training. Vision Quest is Level I and Level II-IV can follow. Read more about the 4-Level Certification at Creatively Fit Coaches grow their existing coaching, or healing, businesses, or develop a brand new income source! Creatively Fit Coaches are life or business coaches, healers, yoginis, artists, and women entrepreneurs. If you know you are interested in becoming a Certified Creatively Fit Coach, book a time to speak with Whitney Freya by clicking the button below.

The next Vision Quest begins June 21st, 2017

An Ocean of Possibility is Here for You

While there are many vision quest-type retreats, most require timely immersions, travel and accommodations expenses, and a level of financial investment that pays for the travel and lodging of the facilitator.

Typically, you can expect to invest between $3000 and $10,000 for that type of retreat.

Vision Quest: The Creatively Fit Program offers you a more flexible way to tap your infinite potential. With our online platform and independent, Personal Retreat days, you can easily invest the time you need to integrate the program into your life.

That’s why your financial investment is also far less than a high-priced, immersion retreat.

To access to your entire OCEAN of knowing, possibility and power, the Vision Quest with your Creatively Fit Coach is only $1297.


Bonus #1 +

The Purpose Project, a set 12 digital training books which guide you, step-by-step, through the process of creating your most purposeful life! The Purpose Project is a year-long, self-study program through the 8 chakras and aligned with the work of Carolyn Myss as revealed in her book, Entering the Castle. Each Module takes you on a journey within and offers a complimentary creative journal exercise; including video lessons to guide you, plenty of imagery to inspire you, guided meditations, photo project prompts and more!

A $297 value

Bonus #2 +

The 7 Day Whole Brain Makeover video series. In just 7 days, these short videos provide you with one easy shift you can make each day to radically change the way you look at your world. You will have fun AND lower your stress, strengthen your intuition, create more magical synchronicities and coincidences in your life and generate new confidence! It’s like having a private session with Whitney while you drink your morning coffee and set your intention for the day.

A $197 value

Bonus #3 +

Whitney’s personal, video library of Painting Meditations. Listen to the music, and watch the sacred symbols appear in front of your eyes. Peace, wisdom, delight…they are all for you!

A $97 value

Bonus #4 +

3 FREE months as a featured artist in the Online Gallery at This is where you get to inspire others with your new full color expression, and benefit from the energetic shifts that happen when you put yourself out there, allowing others to witness your personal expansion. (Plus, you might just make your money back from your investment in your Vision Quest!)

A $45 value

The Vision Quest is your deep dive into your soul, your permission to take the time to take care of YOU and to re-emerge whole, inspired, and fully aligned with your heART!

"Whitney! I had never painted before, but with you it was a blast! You gave me my sparkle back!!! I’ve made it a goal to have vibrancy in the New Year and now I’ve got it!! ”

~Betty Sanders

"Whitney and The CreativelyFit Program have helped me to be bold, brave & trust my intuitive nature. I choose Whitney as my Vision Quest Guide so I could become a Creatively FitCoach. She inspires me to follow my heart’s desire. I have made my investment in this program back many times over and I am more fired up and filled with the sense of possibility so much more than before I Vision Quested! ”


Space is Limited – Secure Your Spot Now!

Because of the nature of this kind of depth work, we have a limited number of seats available in the program. Each Creatively Fit Coach works with a maximum of 12 women. And while that means we probably have enough room for most of the women who want to join us … we can’t guarantee it.

So if you are feeling the call of that Infinite Magical Being within, I invite you to say yes now. 2017 marks a HUGE new beginning for all of us. We have made Vision Quest available to everyone during 2017 at special pricing because of the magnitude of the shift you can make right NOW. The new pricing for Vision Quest is only guaranteed for 2017!="xxx_add">January 2017 Quest.

Step Into the Space of Freedom and Awaken Your Greatest Creative Self

  • You did not come to your life to express hesitation, doubt, lack or fear. You came here as an infinite being capable of living a miracle and creating the greatest YOU possible.
  • I want you to take this QUEST with me. This is your opportunity to expand outside the boundaries of your current set-point in life … in your work, your relationships, your vision and your self-expression.
  • Whether you seek to achieve a specific life goal or simply want to expand your capacity for joy and excitement in your life, as you tap into the infinite source of creativity that begins at the blank canvas, you will come to know … as so many others have throughout human history … the power of who you came here to BE.
  • If you’ve waited long enough, put everyone else first enough, compromised your own self-care and personal time enough, then this is your opportunity to be nurtured, guided and supported to uncover an essential piece of you … in a space beyond judgement, boundaries or limitation.
  • We want to hold the space for you to step into your creative genius - with grace, ease and delight.
  • This is YOUR time - to BE and to BECOME embodied in your authenticity, your grace … your GIFTS for the world.
  • Let’s Do This!

Click The “Add To Cart” Button Now To Join The Program And Begin The Quest To Create The Life You Want With Whitney Freya.

The next Vision Quest begins June 21st, 2017

Payment Plan Option

Flexible payment option for you to get access to the program.

Payment options are $1297 $399 paid in full or 4 monthly payment of $100. NO COUPON CODE needed.

Payment Plan Option $100

Single Payment

Flexible payment option for you to get access to the program.

Pay in Full $399. NO COUPON CODE needed.

Single Payment Option $399

Our Testimonial

To say this program was a life-changer is no exaggeration. When I met Whitney, I was extremely left-brained and believed I "couldn't draw a straight line." No matter how hard I tried, I couldn't call myself "creative."

Being one that believes in stretching outside my comfort zone, I enrolled in the Creatively Fit Program and decided to explore a new depth of myself.

The program took me to places within me, not always comfortable, that I didn't know existed and the further I went the more I uncovered about myself.

Now, a few years later, I am passionate about cultivating the creativity within my own clients. I incorporate painting in my own workshops and it makes me laugh sometimes. "Who is this person who thought she had ZERO creative gifts?"

We all have them. Including YOU reading this! Jump into this program, please!! The world needs you to be brave, bold and creatively YOU!"


"I joined Vision Quest because I wanted to gain more confidence in pursuing a career change and my passion. I know how the left brain, logical thinking can get me stuck and I wanted to feel more balanced. Because of the weekly accountability check in's with my Creatively Fit Coach, Angela Murray, I am so excited about the breakthroughs I have made at the canvas and in my thinking! As I followed the Vision Quest journey through each element, each painting prompt and more I felt myself becoming more and more ME! Now I have lots of ideas of all the ways I can live my life in a more fulfilling way and I am happier! Thank you Whitney, Angela and the entire Vision Quest Tribe! ”

~Tammy Judd Jenny